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Advices of doctor

Geopathogenic points influence Prevention of urination diseases Psycho-emotional condition of the person

Dear girls and women, if you get the patience and read this article to the end, then, most likely, you will never have problems with the health of the breast. If not just know about how life without diseases, but also to do something in accordance with these methods, your health can magically save or restore.

Mikhailyuk KM Candidate of Medical Sciences, the International Academy of the safety culture environment and health. In this article the author gives advice on the prevention and prevention of major diseases of urinary system. Carefully read them in order to prevent the disease in the future.

Back in the late XVII century. doctors began to emphasize the link between malignant tumors and severe mental trauma. They wrote that the cancer "melanholievim filled with poison". In the middle of the XVIII century. Doctors have already indicated that "further the cause of cancer has a long sorrow".