Ukrainian civic organization for women

with disabilities "Donna Ukraine"

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Organization’s head

L.A. Yashchenko, head of Ukrainian organization of women with disabilities "Donna":

Public organization of women - disabled "Donna Ukraine", unites women who have had surgery for diagnosed with breast cancer. Our organization began its work in the second half of 1997 was registered in December 1999 At that time in Ukraine is still not openly talked about breast cancer and the problems related to the situation in which a woman falls by suffering the operation on the above mentioned diagnosis .

Seeing in myself that every woman undergoes after the operation, I decided to create an organization to combine such category of women and to help them to survive, at least, psychologically. As it turned out only psychological support is not enough. I thaught, that it in Ukraine it is not necessary, as there are permanent representatives of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine for breast cancer, which ostensibly represent our interests in the world. At once I want to say that these representatives did not agree with the NGOs as is usual throughout the world. And since then we started our constant struggle for survival, existence, legislation, etc. Today, "Donna" has 28 departments in the Ukraine, unites up to 145,000 women. Kiev department includes 2.5 thousand women, which have to beat the legislation with great efforts, trying to get everything, that every woman should have after the operation, and the result is a complete lack of due as there is no law (status) protecting the rights of oncological patients rights.

- There is no law on oncology, although during the years of our work, law was applied for the three times, but further first reading, nothing happens, causing women suffering with diagnosis "common disease" instead of "oncology." And this is - lack of social protection, recreation, medicine and all the remaining days of his life;

- There is no early detection (no screening). Although according to our doctors, including main oncologist of Ukraine, in Ukraine everything is in order, everybody has all the needed, and we have to constantly put up with all the negative comments, emotions of those who are now just working for wages, struggling with us. Since the registration of our organizations, we are working without any financial support from the state, only on the enthusiasm. Our motto: to support, to help and to prompt. All negative, which is in Ukraine - it is the attitude of government officials to women that are undergoing surgery, both before and after the operation. This problem cares nobody, unfortunately. As a President of “Donna” I'm happy, that I can support women and to bring heartiness and warmth to their homes. Their tears of happiness give me strength and my life becomes meaningful.