Ukrainian civic organization for women

with disabilities "Donna Ukraine"

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Our activity

At that time, in Ukraine nobody spoke about breast cancer and the problems related to the situation in which every woman in Ukraine falls, after suffering the operation to the abovementioned diagnosis. The beginning of our work was focused on psychological support to women in order to help them to survive at least psychologically. As it turned out, only psychological support is not enough. And since then, continuing our constant struggle, the struggle for survival, existence, legislation, etc.

Today, "Donna" has 28 departments in Ukraine, has approximately 145 million women, and we hardly have to legally beat that every woman should have after the transfer operation, with our supposedly free medicine in Ukraine:

- There is no law to cancer, and this lack of social protection, health improvement, medication throughout the life;

- There is no law protecting the rights of women of this category;

- There is no early detection (no screening).

And we have to constantly put up with all the negative comments, the emotions of those who, instead of fighting with us. Since the registration of our organization, we work without any financial support from the state, only on our enthusiasm. And our motto is to support, to help and to promt.

But we hope that in Ukraine, after all, in the near future, every woman who underwent surgery will have a sufficient level of security and government assistance.