Ukrainian civic organization for women

with disabilities "Donna Ukraine"

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Our achievements

Organization "Donna-Ukraine" was founded 15 years ago. Today, it has 28 departments throughout Ukraine, including Kiev department, which counts up to 2.5 thousand women. Absolutely all of our members, were operated on breast cancer. All work on non-payment basis. "Donna" departments in Ukraine are created on enthusiasm and initiative of the individual organization Yashchenko Larisa Alexandrovna, which continues to be engaged in all matters of organization.

We managed to achieve:
  • For the first time in Ukraine, for personal funds of Larisa Alexandrovnawhen nobody openly talked about intimate problems of women undergoing surgery for breast cancer, it was established an organization that helps women psychologically, socially, and fully protects the rights of women operated on;
  • Over the past two years, much has been done on the proposal to the Parliamentary Committee on Health Law VR on oncologyof the breast cancer, which was heard in the first reading.
  • In 2007, 2008 and 2009. was raised the question of parliamentary hearings on the status of women undergoing surgery for a specified diagnosis
  • In 2008, without the help of government officials, was opened rehabilitation center in Khmelnytsky;
  • We help orphans requiring assistance for tuition, their recovery and so on.;
  • We are helping women who underwent surgery to receive disability group (those who can not solve these issues);
  • Thanks to the initiative of the "Donna" in 2011 was solved the question of disability for term of life for each operated women. It took us ten years of constant struggle with the Health Ministry of Ukraine to solve this question ;
  • In our office on the street. Bohdan Khmelnytsky 37a is Health Center, where everybody can get free breast examination, for all women of Ukraine;
  • We provide, of course, and other assistance. Often it is necessary to participate in the people's court, defending women's rights, women's issues in other areas.
Order of Duchess Olga, grade 3
Award «Labour Glory»
Golden Fortune
«Dawn of Hope», KCSA
«Sign of Honor»
M.L. and S.P.